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DBT Campus

DBT Training and Treatment, Anywhere, Live or On-Demand


Our Mission:

To provide access to evidence-based, community-focused and cost-effective treatment for individuals with complex, multi-diagnostic behavioural health conditions.

To train mental health professionals and treatment teams to use a range of evidence-based strategies to effectively treat individuals with complex, multi-diagnostic behavioural health conditions


For Health Care Professionals

We offer online (live), on-demand and in-person teaching in Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) to individuals, teams and organisations.


DBT Skills Classes

DBT Skills Groups is an evidence-based treatment designed to help you learn new skills to be effective at managing distressing emotions, and repairing interpersonal relationships.


Individual DBT Therapy

We have access to a network of DBT trained therapists throughout the country and online. To request an appointment, complete the registration form below.